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Configuring a networked node

To access the network, an Erlang on Xen node must have at least one virtual network interface listed in the domain configuration. The following line in the configuration file is usually enough:

vif = [ '', ]

In addition, a static or dynamic network configuration must be requested by corresponfing command-line flags.

The fastest way to launch a networked instance is to provide it with a static network configuration using these flags:

-ipaddr xx.xx.xx.xx
-netmask xx.xx.xx.xx
-gateway xx.xx.xx.xx

A dynamic configuration is initiated by -dhcp flag. DHCP configuration may take a noticable time. The boot sequence does not proceed to launching user application indicated by -s and -run flags until the network configuration is complete.


# static:
extra = "-ipaddr -netmask -gateway"
vif = [ '', ]
# dynamic
extra = "-dhcp"
vif = [ '', ]
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