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The First Xen Image in 5 Minutes

The following steps will let you create a bootable Xen guest image within approximately 5 minutes. The recipe assumes that you have rebar – the build tool from Basho – installed.

1. Create a sample rebar-based project.

mkdir sample1
cd sample1
rebar create-app appid=sample1
rm src/sample1_*
cat >src/sample1.erl
hello() -> hi.

2. Create rebar.config.

cat >rebar.config

3. Fetch dependencies and build the project.

rebar get-deps
rebar compile

4. Enqueue the project with the Erlang on Xen Build Service.

rebar ling-build-image

The command reports that the image is written to ‘vmling’.

5. Create a domain configuration file.

cat >domain_config
kernel = "vmling"
name = "sample1"
memory = 512

6. Boot the Xen image by running the following command as root.

xl create -c domain_config

The boot process should culminate in the standard Erlang shell prompt. Beware that the recipe uses public ‘test’ account. To have a bit of a private space, you need to register and update your rebar.config accordingly.

7. Run the application code.

The service is free for any purpose, including commercial use. It is provided "as is", without any warranty.
More licensing options are available from Cloudozer LLP.
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